BMB NKN-300 Wired Microphone c/w 5mtr Mic Cable


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BMB NKN-300 Wired Microphone c/w 5mtr Mic Cable

  • Description This wired microphone is highly cost effective and easily provides high-quality sound.
  • It has a solid and robust shell that is wind-proof and has a blowout-preventer.
  • The microphone is made of a quality core, resulting in greatly reduced feedback.
  • With its good cost effective and elaborative making, this microphone is of the top choices to many recreational places like KTV venues. Specification
  • Type: Unidirectionaldynamics
  • Frequency Range:50Hz-16,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: -74dB ą3dB 0dB = 1v/0.1Pa at 1kHz
  • Sound Pressure Level:Above 130dB SPL
  • Output Connector:Integral 3pin XLRM type
  • Impedance: 600 ohms at(1kHz


Soft and clear voice is reproduced by good cycling feature,which also applies to professional singers.

Design of Unidirectional dynamics minimizes the howling problem.
Soft and clear voice is reproduced by adopting AL magnet.

Transformer matchs in excellent sound absorbency and brightness.
The microphone is coated with golden material to prolong its service life.


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