LS4808 / LS4816 8/ 16 Channel Speaker Line Surveillance


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LS4808 / LS4816 8/ 16 Channel Speaker Line Surveillance

LS4808 and LS4816 are all new speaker line monitoring unit, replacing the long running LS4600. Now available in 2 versions ; 8 and 16 channels types.

With their new processor and measurement algorithm, they are now able to perform tasks faster with better accuracy. Additional features included were trigger monitoring, which can be linked to timer for preset times activation.

Similar to its previous model, they provide reliable speaker circuit monitoring for ground leakage, short and open circuit using impedance measurement method, thus eliminating the use of blocking capacitors and end line resistors.

  • 8 / 16 channel versions

  • Basic and advance level setting

  • Sensitivity settingย 

  • Impedance measurement method ; end line resistors, block capacitors not required

  • Faulty circuit disconnection option

  • Built in impedance meter ; 10 to 10K Ohm

  • Fault alert bicolour LED with buzzer

  • Interval detection from 1m to 48 hrs

  • Remote detection activationย 

  • Short burst signal for lesser interruption

  • Aux contact for 24V overriding during activation period

  • RS485 for remote monitoring

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LS4808, LS4816


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