MAONO AU-UL20 HandS-Free USB Microphone


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MAONO AU-UL20 HandS-Free USB Microphone

  • You can connect existing headphones, a headset, speakers with an output of 3.5 mm to the stereo audio jack of the USB interface for a clear and clear sound.
  • Built-in sound card, higher sampling rate will make your voice saturated, fast, sexy, saturated and magnetic
  • 20 Hz-16 kHz Extended frequency response is great for specializing in singing, speech, musical instruments, broadcasting, interviews, voice recording, video conferencing, online chat
  • Plug and play in XP and above systems
  • Omni-directional pickup, sensitive clip on vocal mic, clear and crystal sound
  • With built-in noise canceling chip, professional audio decoder
  • The wired type MAONO AU-UL20 microphone attaches to clothes pegs, which makes it convenient to use when chatting on the Internet or holding conferences. The omnidirectional electret type device has a frequency range of 20-16000 Hz and a sensitivity of -30 dB. The cable length of the MAONO AU-UL20 microphone is 2 m. The model needs phantom power and is supplemented with wind protection, due to which interference is completely eliminated. The model is connected using the USB connector.

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